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Q: May I use a maufacturer coupon and a store coupon?

A: It all depends on that store's coupon policy. Some stores for example that do allow you to do that are Target, Rite Aid and CVS. There are many more, that was just to name a few.


Q: Where do you get all your coupons from?

A: I order several Sunday newspapers each week. There are printable coupon sites that allow you to print two coupons per computer. To name a few there are,,, and I also trade coupons with fellow couponers.

Q: At CVS- Do your Extrabucks cover your tax. 

A: It depends on the rules in your state but in PA does cover your tax. 

Q: At CVS- How many CVS ExtraCare Cards can I sign up for? 

A: CVS states you may have (1) ExtraCare Card per Household. If you want to use your Mom's card, your brother's card, your best friend's card that is a different story. But don't be signing up your dog for an ExtraCare Card. Not cool.

Q: At CVS- What is Early Activation? 

A: Many CVS Stores offer this incentive. What they do is start the deals for following week the day before the new sale week which would be Saturday at 4 pm. To find out simply call your CVS store to find out if they offer Early Activation.


Q: I cannot find the Description Box. Where is the Printable list? 

A: The Description is right below the video. This is where the information about the video is stored and this is where you will find the Printable list for any breakdowns or any links I had mentioned in that video.

Where it says, "CVS COUPONING VIDEO (2/11-2/17) Directly to the right of that there is a little triangle.

CLICK ON THE TRIANGLE and that is where you will find the Description box which includes the printable list.












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