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Where can I find all these coupons?

In order to start couponing you need coupons first! Here are a few places to get them.

There are many places to find coupons at. The first and most obvious answer is to order the Sunday newspaper. This is where you will find all those coupons!

1) Order Newspapers:

When ordering from your local newspaper if you are going to be getting more then one Sunday newspaper delivered weekly be sure and ask for a discount. Currently newspapers are battling with many people choosing to view their news online rather then paying for a subscription and the newspapers are feeling it. They know this so in order to get your business they will give a deep discount. Ask first what they can offer you since you will be buying multiple papers. Be polite always when dealing with anyone. If they say anything higher then $1 per paper, offer them that. If they won't give it to you call another local company. Some even go as low as $0.50 per paper.

The next option to get coupons is online. There are a variety of online printable websites. Here are a few to get you going.

2) Internet Printable Coupon Sites:





Another great resource for coupons is to ask the people you know. A lot of people who get the Sunday paper do not even use their coupon inserts. It never hurts to ask.

3) People you know:

Family, Neighbors, Coworkers, and Friends.

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