• Natalie

Giant Turkey's this week $0.39/pound!

Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!

Hi guys! This is an excellent price per pound on Turkey's at Giant. I picked up 2 because it says on the ad that there is limit 2. At $0.39/lb, why not? So here is the deal. You must get your total to $25.00 then you will receive the price at $0.39/lb. While there I found package of split chicken breast marked down from $8.00 to $2.00! Check your meat cases, always! I grabbed a couple packages of those, a second turkey, bananas and that brought me to $25.00. Apparently the second turkey is counting toward the goal of spending $25.00 which makes the deal even sweeter!

If you have not yet grabbed a turkey for Thanksgiving or you just want to stock up, this is definitely the best stock up price. Get going!

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