• Natalie

AWESOME Deal at Old Navy online!

Okay this is a great coupon stack combo for online shopping.

1) Go to your Rite Aid and pick up a $50.00 Old Navy Gift Card.

Currently this week Rite Aid has a deal that for every $50.00 you spend on Old Navy Gift Cards, you get $15.00 back in Plenti Points. Plenti Points can be used the following day on your Rite Aid purchases.

Tons of great sales there this week!

2) Shop online at Old Navy. They are having a special everything 50% off their entire site. Discount comes off at checkout. Also for every $25.00 you spend at Old Navy you get back $10.00 in Old Navy Supercash!!!! They are counting you total before discount towards your supercash. In other words, I got my total to over $100.00. Then during checkout it dropped to $50.96. I paid with my $50.00 Old Navy Gift card and the $0.96 I paid with my debit card. I got back $40.00 in Old Navy Supercash to spend next week!!!

Super, duper great deal!!!

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