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Preview of one of the segments for next weeks YOUTUBE video- Saving on Groceries (Fruits & Veget

Next week for Part 2 of the Teaching Series about Saving on Groceries on youtube.com I will be talking about and showing you how to save on Fruits and Vegetables. Also included in that will be a segment in vegetable gardening.

Here is my gardens last year and from my last house a couple years ago. Love gardening!!!

These are some of my seedlings. Broccoli, Kale, Tomatoes, Broccoli Raab, Cauliflower Okra and many more!

Removed the grass. Ready to plow!

All my little baby fruits and vegetables planted.

Mid-July veg garden. 9 months pregnant, my favorite spot on this property to be! For several hours each day my kids and I would pick veggies, swim, pick veggies, swim. Great summer!<3 Harvest time is almost here!

My Spice Rack my husband built for me. I have this near my kitchen on my deck. Super convenient. Fresh spices are the best! I also had some lettuces that I kept planting on a 2 week rotation.

This is my previous home and Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens. Need those pollinator for the veggies and fruits!

This is my previous home and Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens also one of my vegetable gardens.

My previous home. Sunflowers, Green Beans, Kale and Wax Beans.

Lots of Corn and Giant Pumpkins.

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