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What We Are Learning From Oil Pulling.

My 6 year old son had a cavity and the dentist wanted to drill it out. The thought of him having to go through drilling at such a young age made me think that might instill a fear of dentists. It can be a very traumatic experience. I know many children who hate going to the dentist simply from that. It was a very small cavity and in his baby teeth so I decided to research and see if there were any other natural methods of curing minor cavities. It took a couple days but I found that coconut oil came highly recommended on many natural websites and natural facebook groups which I belong to.

Here is where couponing comes into play. A few months ago a $3/1 Spectrum Coconut Oil coupon came out on coupons.com, I decided to pick some up. By combining the sale price of $6.99 at ShopRite, using my $3/1 coupon and ShopRite had a $3/1 eCoupon which I stacked, making it $0.99! Wowsa! You can't beat that price! For anyone who has bought coconut oil you know typically this costs around $10.00. Now we had our oil and we were ready to roll.

The next day my son and I started oil pulling together. We started off at just a couple minutes, maybe 5 or 6 minutes in the beginning. We did this amount of time for about a week then gradually adding more and more time on. What I started noticing in the first week was some of the staining on my teeth was being removed. Totally cool with that! Another great thing that was happening everyday was that there was a noticeable amount of less plaque every day. Also excellent news! My son even stated, "My mouth feels cleaner." We were hooked.

After just a few weeks my son's cavity was starting to diminish. What?!?! This stuff actually works. Awesome!

Now we are up to 20 minutes of swishing, daily. I do it when I am hopping in the shower and then getting ready. By that time I am done and I spit it into the trash. The reason I do that is because coconut oil will solidify back to its original state when cooled and it can clog your pipes. Remember this when you start oil pulling.

Here are just a few of the many benefits I found of oil pulling.

Benefit of Oil Pulling

1. Fights inflamation

2. Whiter teeth

3. Prevents Bad Breath

4. Improves Digestion

5. Reduces Plaque

6. Less Allergies

7. Increased Energy

8. Heals Minor Cavities

9. Detoxifies the Body

There are so many more benefits but just wanted to state a few. If you want to experience the benefit of this I encourage you to stick with it on a daily basis and you will notice results in just a few weeks!

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