• Natalie

I didn't get a CVS email coupon but...

I did get a $5/$10 CVS Curbside purchase. Now what to buy, what to buy...Hmmm. I hope you guys got something! I will say though, this is better then nothing. I'll take it!

Guys! Also I wanted to tell you this tip! If you have Beauty Bucks during the week that you can load to your card and you plan on using CVS curbside, listen to this! You cannot use manufacture coupons while using CVS curbside, you can't even pay with paper Extrabucks. You can however, load your Beauty Bucks to your card and other CVS crt's that you would want to use, load them to your card.

They take any coupons that are loaded to your CVS ExtraCareCard. Keep that in mind when ordering!

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