• Natalie

Got my FREE Turkey From ShopRite!

Spend $400.00 through 4/15 and receive Your Choice of One of the Following: Ham & Water Product, Reduced Sodium up to a 12-lb average Shank Half Cook's Smoked Ham or 5-lb Hormel Black Label Canned Ham FREE! Save $1.79/lb off any other smoked ham Bone-In Honey glazed packet included Cook's Spiral Sliced Ham $0.99/lb Ham & Water product, Reduced sodium Butt Half Cook's Smoked Ham $0.10/lb 10 to 14-lb average ShopRite Frozen All Natural Hen Turkey FREE or Save $1.49/lb off any fresh, frozen, or Kosher Hen Turkey up to 14-lbs. 6 to 9 lb average ShopRite Frozen Grade "A" or Shady Brook Turkey Breast FREE or Save $1.99/lb off any other fresh, frozen, or Kosher Turkey breast 5-lb average Kosher Frozen Roasting Chicken FREE Family Size Stouffer's Lasagna any variety, Frozen, 90 to 96-oz. Tofurkey 56-oz, frozen

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