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When is the BEST time to Buy Costumes for Your Kids?

I am going to use this hilariously, adorable picture to share something with you guys. My kids have well over 25 costumes. That is a lot, I know. Each costume does get a lot of use so I don't mind them having that many since they use them so often in their daily play time.

What is a good price for a Lego Costume or a Paw Patrol, Marshall costume? $30.00? $25.00? $15.00? WRONG! I will not pay more $5.00 per costume. To be honest most of the time I get them for $2-$3.00. How do I get them so inexpensive? It is very simple. I buy after Halloween when the prices get dramatically slashed at Target and Walmart. Not 50% Off. I wait until they are 70-90% Off.

Remember this! Being friendly and speaking with the store associates help you be able to anticipate when you NEED to be at the store for the day they mark them down to 70% and then the elusive 90% because most stores sell out fairly quickly.

Here is another fabulous tip! I shop the clearance section in the super rich neighborhoods. Do you know why? Most couponers don't live in a million dollar development. Therefore you will have more options then in a Target or Walmart that would be located in or near a major city. You are welcome. Put this tip in your back pocket and stock up after Halloween each year. I give them a few right away then I save them for extra presents for their birthday or Christmas presents.

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