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In this video I show you a fabulous service I have found to bring my family healthy, homemade, delicious meals and the best part is I never left my house to do this!

I have partnered with Home Chef and I'm going to give you and honest review of what I thought of using this service. As if you couldn't tell already from the smile on the face! Ha!

All the meals I made were absolutely delicious. What I loved about this steak meal that is was very simplistic yet so satisfying. The garlic herb butter really puts a nice finish on an already scrumptious steak. The potato fries were so dang good too!

This was the first meal I tried and the meal I demonstrated making in the video linked above. It had so many different layers of crunch and savory tastes in this dish. I was very impressed and easily am adding this dish into a weekly rotation of our meals. So good!

The other thing I noticed in each of the meals was the quality of the meat. They really go above and beyond with the quality of products they are offering you. I especially noticed it with the tender Steak offered in the Japanese Bento Bowl.

The apple Cider-Glazed Chicken was so tender. My kids loved the chicken! I really enjoyed the fact that they offered sweet potato fries but made them so tasty with the added spices. I just couldn't get enough of those fries!

This meal was my absolute favorite! Again it was such a simple meal to make but so good! These fish cakes were so good and I am a daily salad girl so I really enjoyed the spinach salad. They offered a sweet onion dressing which was really tasty.

If you were ever on the fence on ordering a meal kit I can tell you DO IT! They have so many selections and again these meals are healthy so there is not really much guess work in providing great food for your family!

What I love most about with Home Chef is that they have given me a special code to offer you guys to receive $30.00 Off your first order! What?!? Yes! Here is the code that you would want to use when placing your order. NATALIE30FREE or click HERE to place your order!

FTC: This is a sponsored video. All opinions are mine.

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